An area of study of Ohno Laboratory

An area of study

Ohno Laboratory engages in research activities using various statistical methods, mathematical analysis, simulation, etc. in the fields of “marketing science”, “analysis of corporate behavior by data science”, and “finance real option”. In addition to multivariable analysis and theoretical research applying probability theory, empirical research that leads to the provision of new knowledge to the industry and solutions to social issues, we are also conducting research in the form of joint research with companies.

Marketing Science

Marketing science is a study that builds and approaches mathematical models for marketing decision making and support. Specifically, consumer behavior and price responses, which are important elements in marketing, can be formulated using mathematical models, decision-making such as new product prices and new store locations can be analyzed, and the construction of consumer models for each market structure and customer segment and the effectiveness of necessary marketing measures can be verified using simulations. In addition, as a new research area, we are also working on the field of neural marketing that utilizes biological reactions such as electroencephalo waves for marketing. Recent research cases include the influence of differences in corporate CSV activities on consumer impression formation and purchasing behavior, and approaches using electroencephalome measurement to form impressions by TVCM.

Data-driven analysis of corporate behavior and strategy

In recent years, corporate strategies such as collaboration and integration with other companies, such as alliances, mergers and acquisitions, have been widely used as corporate growth strategies. These researches have been advanced in the fields of corporate strategy theory, macro organizational theory, and inter-organizational relationship theory, but by utilizing data science, it is possible to provide new knowledge that cannot be obtained from the field of industrial engineering by approaching through case studies. In our laboratory, we conduct research on alliances using game theory and research on the selection of partners for mergers and acquisitions using network theory.